Medical Tourism


RL ENT HOSPITAL teams with highly skilled and experienced ENT surgeon, Neurosurgeons, Cancer surgeons, Plastic surgeons and Maxillo-facial surgeons in Mumbai who have earned the name and reputation of being the Best in their field of specialization.  We associate with the Doctors who are committed to giving their best at all times and share a common ideology of providing top class medical services to all the patients coming to India for treatment.

We aim to become the E.N.T Institute most known for providing world class Ear, Nose and Throat treatment in India to the patients all over the world and improve the health of those we serve with a commitment to excel in all that we do. Our goal is to provide comprehensive medical care solutions to the global community in a caring, convenient, cost-effective manner.

Advantages for medical tourists in India include reduced costs, the availability of latest medical technologies, and a growing compliance on international quality standards, as well as the fact that the English is the commonest spoken language and hence foreigners are less likely to face a language barrier in India.

Our thoughtfully designed services would save you from host of complex issues of travel arrangements, confirmation of appointments, reservations, accommodation, transfer of medical records, bill settlement, etc. during your stay in India and leave you with additional time to attend to more important issues and take care of your health. We customize our services as per your treatment needs, budget and lifestyle preferences.

At R.L ENT Hospital we encourage CORPORATE OUTSOURCING OF MEDICAL CARE for the employees thereby provoding an option for a more cost effective medical care overseas. These facility can provide major savings for a company which is self insured.

Our Corporate outsourcing programme can be a win-win situation for a company & its employees. It can save money for both. The high quality of the medical care available in India & potential savings on the cost of the treatment, combined with vacation off at the overseas health care destination should encourage majority of the employees consider the option.